Thursday, 24 October 2013


Ok, definitely going to be making dolls for the girls for Christmas. Rapunzel style for the older girl (hopefully I have enough left over from the Rapunzel dress I made for her birthday - check out the previous post).

I am going to use felt for the face, arms and feet (as Rapunzel is barefooted - at least in "Tangled"). I chose felt as it came in the colour I am happy with (and the fabric I really wanted was £12.50 a metre...I couldn't justify that for a doll!). I have chosen a pale purple fabric for the 'vest' and 'tights' - although I may go for something stripey!

For the Littlest Little I am going to grab something ditzy and floral from the fabric stash - she has no preference for what type of doll she has! I am quite looking forward to having a bit of a play with my creativeness - what should the face look like? Should I do rosy felt cheeks? Oh the possibilities...

Have finally finished the big Roman Blind - pictures to follow. Unfortunately the small one was a smidge (literally 1cm) too I had to unpick all my hard work and re-hem :( BOO! I am hoping that they both fit now.... I have seen the curtains and I think they look great in-situ.

Halloween is drawing near...we don't celebrate it as such - but I wonder if any of you lot have great Halloween ideas? Do you make your own outfits?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Isn't it amazing?

Since the last post I have purchased a new sewing cupboard (bargain at £10!) - I have painted it a lovely pastel shade of yellow. I think that it used to be an old computer desk/cupboard, but it is perfect for my sewing stash.

Sorry about the rubbish lighting - it was night time
It is organised, I promise!

And what a difference it has made. I can lay my hand on any piece of fabric I own really easily (even found some that I had forgotten about!).

I can store my "to do" projects and access them as and when I decide to sew them.

It has certainly helped my motivation, it just makes the whole sewing experience soooo much easier.

I have sewn my first curtain - not for me. A MASSIVE patio door single curtain (I can see why curtains come in pairs - what a mission sewing that much fabric all in one go!). I have also sewn one small blind, of the roman variety and am now cutting and pinning (how much hemming?!) a larger version. I am really happy with the results - so much so that I want to sew all new curtains for every window in my own house!

Once again Christmas seems to be looming.

I have left it a bit late to do that mission of homemade gifts that I did last year. I am limiting myself to smaller gifts this year.

Requests from my children are a unicorn (see previous posts)
and a Rapunzel doll. I have done a bit of a Google search and think that I will use this tutorial and pattern. But instead of felt hair I will probably do long woollen locks so that they can be plaited and put into pony tails.

I was also considering making jam (my husband has found a surplus of plums in a garden of a house that he is working at) and giving them away...and perhaps some stewed apples.

What are you sewing for Christmas? Do you have a long list or do you limit your homemade goodies to close friends and family?