Friday, 24 August 2012

Made a Start

So I have made a start, I have actually started the Christmas presents! I have enjoyed far. I have just cut out some of the patterns.

Strangely, I have ended up putting people onto my Christmas present list who I wouldn't normally buy presents for. Why is that? If they wouldn't make the "bought" Christmas list, why am I willing to give up my time to make them a present? The list includes 10 adults and 9 children. I wonder if I will finish them all.

Also, I have my Mum's 65th birthday coming up, my Dad's 60th and my best friend's 30th BEFORE Christmas. As those are such important birthdays I feel like they should have handmade pressies too. I can't see that happening - any present ideas/inspiration?

I got round to finishing off an apron dress I made for my eldest. I avoided the rain and took an afternoon to sew this sweet pattern. I finished all the inside seams beautifully (1st time I have bothered with that!). Tried it on my eldest, and it didn't fit....tried it on my youngest and it STILL didn't fit! Unpicked the dress....took a week to psych myself up to redo it and completed it yesterday. I added 2 inch panels (in jersey) on the sides. It looks cute, I am happy with it.

Photo: Springtime dress Can you see the crossover straps at the back. ALL her dresses have straps that constantly fall down. I hope this solves the problem.

Our plans for the bank holiday weekend have gone to the wayside - as YET another wet weekend looms. What shall I be doing? Oh yes, seing Christmas gifts :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


So, last year I forced my close friends to make handmade presents for Christmas. We did it as a Secret Santa - so we only had to make one present. This was before I could sew. Everyone did really well...except me - and it was my idea! There were cookies made, badges created, pillows cases sewn...and random things put into a bag from me!

But THIS year, I actually have a slight skill that I can put to good use. It will mark a whole year of sewing for me!

This requires planning - if the gifts are going to be any good. Which means starting Christmas presents now - yes NOW, in AUGUST!

I have a few ideas in mind for some of my close friends and their children. Can't quite get my head around the fact that I am actually planning Christmas this early (I am not the most organised person!).

Although, to be fair, I haven't actually started making anything!!