Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Snatched Success

Ah ha! Have managed to grasp success after my youngest daughter's coat was a complete failure. I thought that there would be no saving it...
It looks messy from the inside, as I had to cut open the lining and couldn't think of a different neater way to sew it all back together (and there are still some holes in the oilcloth outer that I can't stitch together without it looking even more of a mess!). But it fits! I removed HUGE chunks of material and all the "caught" material was removed! It isn't perfect, and it certainly isn't what I was expecting...but I like it :)

Sorry about the quality of this is from my phone camera...will have to do a "real" photo shoot at some point in the future!
I don't know if you can see...but the coat is in a sage oilcloth with cream polka dots, and the lining is white with vintage roses on it. Very cute - give it a go!

This coat no longer fits, so I have cut it up to make a wallet. Follow the progress on this blog.

Sunday, 17 June 2012


I knew it would be too much....

The coat that I mentioned in a previous post. Well I sewed it all together last night - I was so excited to try it on my little girl this doesn't fit. Worse than that I seem to have caught some of the material in some of the arm and hood seams...(how did I do that?!). Worse still, it has a lining AND I edged stitch in tiny stitches ALL around the outside of the coat (why, why, why didn't I try it on her BEFORE finishing it?!).
So, a failure...a waste of material, what am I going to do?
Wonder if I can cut it up and use if for something else...I have seen a really great organiser wallet ( - perhaps I will try that?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Actual sewing!

So, I have got back into sewing after going off camping, and meeting my best friend's new baby (it was a fab weekend).
I have a couple of sewing projects on the back burner... as  mentioned in the previous post, a coat for youngest daughter, and also a tent I decided to make for the Preschool where I work. But these will have to wait.
My husband has decorated our living room for the first time since we moved in 5 years ago. My bright idea ... to sew a quilt to go with our new decoration. Life is now on hold until it is finished! Here is the start of it 
I thought I would do 9 squares with a wide margin between each 9. I think it may take me a while

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Aiming Too High

Poncho Raincoat

I have decided to sew my youngest daughter a coat...a raincoat to be specific. I thought I may give this a try. But, now that I have cut out the oilcloth and committed myself I am worried that this is somewhat beyond my sewing skill level.
I guess I will have to continue with this project 1) because the child needs some sort of waterproof outwear as the British Summer is typically rainy 2) because I have already cut out the shapes in the oilcloth (oilcloth is quite expensive...) and 3) because I was meant to use the oilcloth to make my friend a nappy roll and lost motivation...if I don't now make the coat I will feel even more guilty for not making the nappy roll!
If you happen to get round to sewing it before me - I would like to see your attempts! It may encourage me :)
There may be pictures to this space! Ha!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First Blog Post...Ever

Number 1!

This is going to be like the 1st post of most blogs that I have read. I thought I may give bogging a try...
I am not sure what I want to share, or why. I craft - sewing mainly, and I like showing off my finished items (well the ones that work anyway!). So perhaps that is my main motive...I am half hoping to sell some things - so anything you like - let me know.
I have children - 2 so far! I enjoy parenting, but they are hard work! I am hoping to share our ups and downs and some blogs I like reading to get ideas (that goes for sewing too).
As  a disclaimer - I don't know what I am doing (on this blog or in real life!) but hope that some of my experiences will help someone - better to learn from my mistakes than your own?!
I would add a photo - but I can't find a nice one of myself...think I will have to get organised!